Once upon a time, in a land called Far, Far Away, counter to the hopes of family and society, I was born.

I began as a waste of space, and pretty much managed to continue in the same vein for decades, this halcyon existence was rudely interrupted by my sad and rapid decline into a world of mathematics, software engineering and writing - but I fought back, and recovered my youthful dis-equilibrium.

Always fascinated with art, literature and Carrollian conundrums, and now in advanced old age, I am able to take advantage of increased leisure time to unify these fields in an idiosyncratic hybridology of photography and drawing.

As regards these images, what you see is not necessarily what you get, try a second look, try a second thought, but bear in mind, they ALL began and in essence remain as photographs!

Sea Scape

Originally a panoramic shot of coastline, but repeatedly distorted and warped


Partly inspired by Olenka’s presentation and partly from the work of Simon’s HNC students.

Cautionary Tales …

A re-viewing of road signs near Camard on the Aird road.

Cubist Cone

An angular interpretation of a fluid and curved form.


Inspired by the post-modernist, pop-art movement.  (above)


A gauzy treatment to echo the transparency of the drapes.  (below)

The following are ( literally and figuratively ) drawn from the archives of Alligin Photography

Both images from an original by Cat Goryn


Cat 2 Coloured
A coloured detail of the previous frame. The textures and the colours of the fabric captivate.


Cat 1 line drawing
By reducing this photograph from Cat Goryn, by blurring and line drawing, the facial expressions are exaggerated and brought ‘front and centre’.

Gareth Rees - Navy Rugby Player

A blend of three frames by Neil Kennedy using colour saturation in lieu of the passage of time.