Although I started out largely doing landscape photography, I seem to have moved over the years to a much smaller scale, becoming more of a macro specialist – in fact my macro lens rarely comes off the camera! As a former Biology teacher, I find the natural macro world fascinating and challenging to capture as a synthesis of Science and Art. My subject matter has ranged from flowers and feathers to snails and spiders (anything that doesn’t move too fast!), from the sublime to the ridiculous, aiming for an artistic approach – often with a humorous touch.

I am quite active on the photo sharing site Flickr. It is a great way of discovering photos and finding inspiration for new ideas and to learn new techniques. I have also made friends and contacts through Flickr, and have been able to meet up with a number of them over the years. My hellebore macro included on this page was chosen as one of Flickr’s top macros of 2019 (and the year previously, a portrait of my dog was selected as one of Flickr’s top 25 photos of 2018). My Flickr username is SkyeWeasel, and my photostream be found through clicking on the button below. Do come along and have a look!