John Parsons sadly passed away after a short illness in May 2020.  This page has been left on the site as a tribute to him.  As his images show he was a very talented photographer who was taken from us too soon.

Based in Broadford, south Skye, John first developed an interest in photography from his father. In those days he would develop the film negatives and make prints in an improvised home darkroom. While pursuing a career in IT, John found creative outlets in water colour painting and woodturning. Since moving to Skye in 2016 John has continued a woodturning business and has recently completed the SQA Higher in Photography. John uses a full frame Canon DSLR to create colour and black and white photographs, and enjoys photographic genres ranging from macro and close-up to the big landscapes that Skye offers. Harking back to his early days with film, John prefers the end result of the photographic process to be a print.