[Aurora on the Cuillin]

“Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.”  Paul Strand.

I just acquired my first DSLR camera on retirement, and then afterwards undertaking Skye’s first ever SQA Higher Photography course tutored by Simon Larson at UHI West Highland College, Broadford (2015-16) was for me an enriching experience! A more detailled examination of my journey cab be found in my blog post (see below)

Iain againne

[Our Iain]

Abdul agus Zafaf

[Syrian Friends @ Dubhard]

Clò Hearach ann am macro

[Harris Tweed cufflink]

Thall thairis

[The Ahlambra]


[Glass splash]


[Burnet Moth at the Black Lochs]

Gealach shlàn

[November moonrise on Beinn Sgritheall]