A love of the outdoors, its wildlife and sport has defined me and my outlook on life. As I have grown older and the mountain marathons have taken their toll on my legs I no longer rush past our great landscapes, strain to get to the next check point, drive onward and upward to reach the distance summit or to discover how far I could push myself in the pursuit of exhaustion. Instead, with a slower pace, I now seek to travel within the landscape. With more time to observe there is more time to appreciate what we have around us, if only we give nature the chance to reveal Herself.

With time I have been more able to appreciate the subtle changes in nature brought by the seasons and our famous weather. To appreciate how light can transform the view of our surroundings and finally to appreciate the beauty, grace, subtlety and diversity of british wildlife in its natural habitat. My prime motivation remains to be at one with my surroundings and to get close to some of Britain’s wild animals. My photography serves as a way of capturing, as best I can, those special moments that I enjoy in the great outdoors. For me, each one is evocative and has a story attached. Through the landscape and wildlife I have become more aware of form, light and movement and have tried to come full circl and bring this into the images I create at sporting events.

Try Time

Created using strobe lines during a training session wit heh Army Rugby Union’s Womens team.  The camera had its white balance dialed down to 3300 and the stobe was fitted with a CTO gel to balance the skin tone for the athlete.


Created during a match wit hthe lighting provided by the ground’s floodlights.  Royal Navy fluhalf, Greg Loydall, waits for the ball during a scrum in the match agains tthe RAF.


For me it is often the eyes that are the give away for how tired an athlete is.  This image was created at the end of the open water swin during the Celtman! Extreme Triathlon. This annual event held in Wester Ross, Highlands, tests all competitors to the limit.

Textures of Eigg

Though my business photography predominantly involves capturing athletes and sporting events I still enjoy all aspects of creating images with a camera.  One recent study was to capture Eigg as viewed from ‘home’ during different weather across the Sound of Sleat.  Below are examples using the early morning light, a black and white study as clouds build up prior to a strom and a composite image using two different images with the camera set first on a cool white balance and then on a warm white balance.

Meet the Locals

Finally, when time permits, I love to create images of some of the locals.  Whether this is an otter on the foreshore below the house or a junvenile white tail eagle flying out across the Sound of Sleat the wonder of observing some of our local wildlife close up never leaves me.